Peper E-Bikes

The Peper E-bikes work as a cruise control for the legs because of the stepless support and the automatic switching. Experience electronic cycling!  




The right position on the bike! The frame extender system will ensure that you are in the right position on your PEPER E-bike. When the seat adjusts the top tube is shorter or longer. The position of the crankshaft ensures that you can easily put your toes on the ground.


No sore bottom! Because we use a SQ-lab saddle your PEPER E-bike, you do not suffer from sore. We find the best saddle by watching your sitting position, the seat bones and use.  


Best return! We provide the proper pedal size. This is important as it avoids knee problems and allows more effective utilization of the pedaling force. This will get more return on your movements.


The right grips! Because we use the right sized grips for your PEPER E-bike, you will not suffer from sleeping hands.  


Efficient cycling! The high-quality lithium-ion battery (capacity of 400Wh, 400Wh expand to 2x), you have a range of up to 200 kilometers! The unique implementation of the continuous support always works with optimum support. Whether you are downwind or against.  


Comfort! With the wider tires on PEPER E-bike you will experience more safety, comfort and grip. The tires are less likely to puncture and you do not often need to pump because we use nitrogen upon delivery of your bike.