Day Trip

Book a fun outing or bachelor party in Rotterdam! We offer various activities and more is possible in consultation. You can explore the city with a group.  


A fun activity is the Mini Brompton Urban Challenge. The group will be divided into equal groups of up to 5 persons (if possible, an equal number of people). The idea is that you are exploring Rotterdam and make pictures as beautiful as possible of your Brompton in Rotterdam. Each group receives a map, and of course, everyone drives off on a Brompton. The group which carries out all the tasks and made the best photo may call theirselfs the winner of the challenge.


The nice thing about this activity is that you look at the city in a different way, because you're trying to make the best pictures. It is also a good way to get to know each other better, because this activity you do together.

Foto van de mini BUC in Rotterdam