In our Bromptonshop you can choose your new Brompton folding bike! Near the Rotterdam central station you will find our beautiful store.  

The Brompton is a handy and folding bike that you can use for multiple purposes. A Brompton is strong, agile and easy to fold into a small package. An ideal bike so for the road or in the city.   The bike has a good comfort and excellent maneuverability. Because the wheels are small, you are quickly off at traffic lights. Therefore ideal in a busy city.  

The Brompton is 42 years ago entered the market and is being developed further. This results in the best folding bike with a steel frame and good anti-lekbanden. The folding bike is hand built!   Because you can fold the bike into a small package, you can take it easy in the car or public transport. You can bike in stables at work, at home or in a restaurant. This is unlikely that the Brompton stolen.  


The Brompton you experience the city very different. Instead of that you are dependent on public transport, you are suddenly very flexible. You ride through streets that otherwise had not seen and that you will discover the most beautiful places. And if you travel the Brompton is also ideal: you always have your bike on hand.  

This folding is to fold very quickly. It takes just seconds to create a package of your bike. Because it is such a small package, you can increase it to almost anywhere and the Brompton is also easy to store. And if you have the Brompton needed again, so you cycle off after a few operations.  

Because you use the bike and not traveling by public transport or car, you save a lot of money! How often do you hear or read that a bike is stolen? The Brompton can be taken inside, so the risk of Brompton theft is very small. For added security, you can register your Brompton

Brompton Orange Black Edition
Brompton Nickel Edition 2017