Zwaan bikes

Zwaan Bikes is an exclusive brand from Rotterdam soil. The bike is built by Dave Zwaan for your needs. If you can dream your bike, Dave can build it! 


Your own Zwaan Bike is completely built according to your wishes. You decide what it will look like your! The entire build is captured in photos and you get a photobook upon the delivery of your Zwaan bike. This allows you to enjoy your bike in the works at any time. 


The names of the bikes are similar to the grandparents Dave: Evert and Liza. 



When the subject of your Zwaan bike you have the following choices:

the frame (A brand-frame with lugs, is used);

  • the color of the frame;
  • the number of gears;
  • With or without fenders;
  • Quality of the tires;
  • Color of the rims;
  • Handlebar tape or grips.

The bike is finished with a stainless steel head chip being beaten on the bike with nails and stickers are under the clearcoat. 



We donate €50 to charity with every bike. The causes of death in men and women define charity. In the gents bike is the Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) and the ladies bike gives to the Heart Association.

Evert en Liza Zwaan
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