If you would like to extend your e-bike warranty you're at the right place. You can extend the warranty for any brand up to 5 years calculated from the purchase date. The options are 1, 2 or 3 years and the Extended E-bike Guarantee Plan starts right after the 2 year factory warranty. Even if you purchased the bike somewhere else.

The conditions of the Extended E-bike Guarantee Plan:

  1. Your e-bike cost less then €8.000
  2. The application needs to be done before the bike turns 2 years old
  3. Make sure to bring your invoice when you purchased the e-bike somewhere else.


  1. Bikes which are used for commercial purposes
  2. Bikes which are used for competition
  3. Bikes which have more motor power then 45 km/h

What are the advantages of the Extended E-bike Guarantee Plan?

  1. You can choose for how long you would like to extend? Max up to 5 years after purchased the bike
  2. The warranty is transferable when sold
  3. When the bike gets stolen before there is any warranty paid you'll get a credit for another bike warranty
  4. The warranty is valid through Europe (brand dealers only)
  5. No own risk
  6. No payment in advance; The research costs and labor are fully and directly reimbursed to the bicycle shop
  7. Any transport costs and costs for replacement transport will also be reimbursed

Warranty so not an insurance

this guarantee plan is a warranty extension and no insurance. As a result, a number of things are excluded:

  1. Wear parts such as: Brake pads, brake cables/pipes, brake discs, brake linings, chain and sprockets, drive belts, tires, lights, batteries
  2. repairs covered by the manufacturer's warranty
  3. Accidents, fall damage, normal wear and tear, faults through your own fault and corrosion
  4. Accessories (including range extender, battery charger or extra batteries)
  5. Vandalism
  6. Battery; The battery is the only part of the bicycle that has a depreciation. 60% in the 3rd year of use, 40% in the 4th year of use and 20% in the 5th year of use

Are you interested in the Extended E-bike Guarantee Plan? Then visit our store for more information or send an email to rotterdam@czwaan.nl stating: "Extended E-bike Guarantee Plan"