Our Story

We take the naming of our company and our products very personal. No external consultancy for us, because this is our thing. This is what we love, this is what gets us hyped and this is what inspires us. 

It’s fantastic to see how many people also share our passion for bold, iconic and unconventional bikes, and who also recognizes the true craftsmanship of hip-hop street-style.

Well before we started building bikes we organized hip-hop parties that celebrated our love for the lifestyle, beats and lyrics. Dr. Dre, Biggie, 2Pac, Missy Elliott’s swag, music videos and everything else they represented was our inspiration. Especially the lowriders cruising majestically through the streets of L.A., like in Masta Ace’s “Born to Roll”or the bikes in DMX’s “Ruff Rider’s Anthem” videos.

This passion is united with our skills in building bikes from the ground up. Over the past ten years we have grown our passion to what RUFF CYCLES is today – a hip-hop street culture lifestyle-brand.”

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